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Adopting Elixir at FindHotel

1 September 2020

About two years ago Elixir was introduced in the FindHotel’s tech stack.

Same or higher productivity and friendliness of Ruby combined with the production-ready reliability of Erlang.

The sentence above is the short answer for the question: “Why was Elixir adopted at FindHotel?”

Check the post Adopting Elixir at FindHotel in the FindHotel blog to read about the details of the adoption.

Listen to the episode EMx 095: Adopting Elixir at FindHotel with Fernando Hamasaki de Amorim of the Elixir Mix podcast where I talked with Mark Ericksen about my strategy of introducing Elixir through hack-a-thons, what kinds of projects work well to start with and tips around learning and building a team.

We discussed umbrella projects, pattern matching for data transformation, and learning about managing configuration in Elixir applications and much more.

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